Book Review: Phoenix (Black City, #2) by Elizabeth Richards




By Elizabeth Richards

My Rating: 4 Stars

Phoenix is the second book in the Black City series for Elizabeth Richards. The first book, Black City, was picked up on a whim and I loved it. It’s original in that it’s vampires (which are called Darklings) in a post-apocalyptic setting. The third book, Wings will be out in 2014 and I’m eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.

Ash and Natalie, against all odds, have fallen in love and have joined the resistance against the United Sentry States. But they find themselves in the center of a new threat. This one from Purian Rose, a dictator who is trying to pass Rose’s Law which will send darklings and others who stand against him to a concentration camp.

When Ash is threatened by Purian Rose and he can’t convince himself to trade Natalie for the lives of his fellow darklings, he sets in a motion a series of events that will lead to near devastation for the resistance. But there may be help in the enigmatic Bastet boy, Elijah, whom Natalie saved from her mother’s research labs. Elijah knows of a secret weapon that his mother told him about and he will take them to it if they help him save his mother. Ash, however, doesn’t like Elijah because he and Natalie seem to be growing closer each day they are together. But while Ash struggles with his jealousy, Natalie has secrets of her own. Secrets that could kill Ash if she doesn’t find a way to deal with them.

This is an enthralling sequel to Black City. It’s full of excitement, romance and intrigue which you often don’t find in a bridge book. This series is likely to be one of my favorites of the year. I highly recommend this for YA and adult readers who enjoy YA.  I know it won’t happen, but I wish every book I read this year would be this good.  I’m glad this is how I’ve kicked off my reading for the year.  Check it out!


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