Year in Review

Ok, it’s the last day of 2013.  I finished the last book that I am going to finish this year before I went to bed last night.  The final tally for the year is 120 books.  According to Goodreads, I read 41,375 pages in 2013.  Now that sounds like a lot of reading, but it actually only equals out to an average of 114 pages each day.  That’s not that much.  Is it?  Maybe it is.  My family seems to think it is…but I do love to read.  I love to immerse myself in a story.  To forget that I really need to do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, vacuum…and frankly, buy food and probably sleep.  But I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to in life and thanks to my local library, books from NetGalley, the daily find on Barnes and Noble and the periodic free book available through iTunes from Starbucks, this is an affordable addiction…or rather one I’m keeping under control.

Ok…back to the topic at hand.  My goal for 2013 was 100 books.  I’d say I met that goal.  I could have stopped about a month ago and caught up on all that cleaning I’ve put off all year, but why would I ever want to spend my vacation time cleaning when I could be discovering great new books, living the lives of newly discovered characters in uncharted worlds?  Sinking away from reality, curled up with a cup of chai, a blanket, the cats and a book?  Why I ask you? Why?  I couldn’t think of a good reason either so I read on…like the reading champion that I want to be. And here I am on December 31st with 120 books under my belt for the year.

Overall, I had some great finds this year but I also found some unbelievable duds.  Tomorrow will begin my first official day of reviewing a years of worth of books (150 to be exact) on this blog.  I hope that you will find my reviews insightful, enlightening, and beneficial.  Feel free to recommend books to me at any time.  Some information for you, my readers, for the coming year: if you would like to find more reviews, and/or a full listing of books I’ve read since 2007, please look me up on Goodreads as Angela Aschenbrenner.  Or you can find me on LibraryThing (this is a new account so I’m still trying to get it fully functioning).  Or if you are friends with me on FB you’ll see my postings there.

If you are an avid reader, I hope you’ll set a reading goal and that you find some wonderful books to delve into in 2014. Stay tuned for a list of all my favorites and not-so-loved non-favorites for 2013.  Happy Reading! And Happy New Year!!!!


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