Upping the Ante

I’ve been thinking about my 2014 reading goal a fair amount in the last few days.  I’ve already established that while it’s officially 150 books, that my own competitive self will make it more like 175 just because I always do that to myself.  To add to my challenge, I’ve been thinking maybe I should make a goal to read a different type of book each month.  For example, humor in January, young adult in February, nonfiction about historical events or people in March, etc.  Maybe I should choose topics…books about plague and disease in April, librarianship in May.  Or we could do themes based on the month.  Books about love and triumph in February to celebrate valentine’s day.  Books about the Irish in March for St. Patrick’s day.  I could use our Chase’s Calendar of Events at the library to find really obscure things to read about like for national pancake day I can read about pancakes, and for April I can celebrate International Tatting day by reading about tatting.  What the hell is tatting anyways?  It would be a great way for me to learn more about things that I know nothing about.  See, this is what I do, always look for ways to up the challenge.  Which makes me wonder if the original goal isn’t challenging enough that I have to throw in a few extra hurdles to really make it worthwhile.  Why do I do this?  Do other people do this?

I did something similar to myself in 2013.  I set my goal for 100 books.  Then I said, I wasn’t allowed to read the same book twice in the same year.  Then I decided to read the oldest books I have checked out from the library.  (Don’t ask..I’m also a closet book hoarder and it’s a problem I’m trying to deal with.)  Then I said that I needed to read different types of books.  You get the idea.

Perhaps I need to just set my goal and except that the challenge is good enough and then put focus on a different challenge.  For example, I’d really like to workout more in 2014 (original, I know) but in trying to figure out how I could fit that into my already pretty full schedule of reading, working, sleeping (an hour less each night because of my reading goal), socializing, cleaning, blah, blah, blah I came up with the idea that maybe I should listen to audio books while working out and then I can work on two goals at the same time.  Woohoo!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!! I’ve always said I was a good multi-tasker at work, why didn’t I think to do it in my personal life as well.

Which brings me to another conundrum…can I count audio books toward my reading goal?  If I listened to it instead of read it does it still count?  Am I thinking to much about this?  I’m definitely thinking to much about this.  You’d think I’m contemplating one of the greatest mysteries of the world.  Next I’ll be asking myself, if a tree falls in the forrest and no one is there to witness it, does it really matter?  Serious questions…Deep thoughts….words definitely worth pondering.  Why am I suddenly getting an urge to look up Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy?  Ok, so here is my conclusion…150 books and I know I’ll read more.  Read whatever I like, whenever I want and however I want.  Listen to audio books, read books and exercise and do all those things in any order I want and for it to count I have to do it between January 1 and Dec 31 in the year 2014.  I’ve decided.  Whew!  Hmmm, so can I count magazines as books?  Gahhhh!!!!  I give up, I’m going back to reading my latest book…a new adult book called “The Redemption of Callie and Kayden” by Jessica Sorensen. A great read by the way…


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