In the beginning…

When I was a child I used to play in my room and I would pretend I ran a library and would check my books out to all my dolls.  Perhaps I should have remembered this event later when I went off to college and said “I want to be a teacher!”  As fate would have it, I, along with three of my roommates would get jobs at the library on campus.  That’s pretty much how I ended up changing my career path from being the teacher of information to the provider of information.  I didn’t particularly like to read at this time, and getting all the reading done in my english classes was next to impossible.  I was pretty much the slowest reader on the planet.  I was fairly certain 5 year olds could read faster than me.  But, the interesting thing about library work is that while most people think you must love to read to be a librarian, librarians and library workers aren’t actually sitting around reading all day long and discussing books.  Library work is hard, and complicated and damn it, I love it!!!  What really got me into reading was my fellow staff members.  I found people who inspired me to read.  Who knew that would be all it took to hook me on books.  So here I am, closing out 2013 with my greatest reading year to date.  My goal was to read 100 books during the year and right now (even with five days left in the year, I’ve read 115).  I know I’m probably just the average reader but this is a major improvement from 2006 where I read a meager 7 books.  And no, those weren’t all children’s books.  They were actual adult level and adult sized books. Go me!  

So, for 2014, I’m here to tell everyone that I’ll be reading 150 books.  What I should also point out is that I’m very competitive, especially with myself.  This means that my goal of 150 books is really something more like 175 (but I won’t openly admit it).  I’m certain I’m going to have to give up a few things in my life to meet this reading goal.  But I’m ready.  I’m happy to sacrifice an hour of sleep every night, TV for a few months…maybe not showering but you get the idea.  So please cheer me on as I head out on this book adventure…Let’s see if I can remember all the books I read come December 2014.  I may even be willing to recommend a few of my favorites to those interested. Cheers!!!!


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